A Time For...

    I've never extended my domain in the blogosphere beyond the realm of personal anecdotes, travel updates, creative writing, or, occasionally, a brief review or two. I've certainly never used it to advocate for any sort of political or social cause, especially not with tacky, pre-fabricated slogans or images.

    This post is an experiment otherwise.

    I'm learning that, out of the many issues in this world that obviously call for our attention, it's sometimes necessary to pick and choose the ones that speak most clearly to our current experience and then to do what we can, even if that action is not what we would ideally prefer. The options that are available to us in regards to any issue, however shabby or incomplete, are nonetheless available to us as horizons of action and further learning. Perhaps more than I've realized in the past, virtue demands (along with truth, beauty, and our neighbors) an attention that is capable and willing to surpass just "looking" and engage our world with various forms of movement, whether this means speaking, making, sharing, destroying, or other modes of doing. So with that in mind, there's a chance I might be "doing some more things" with this blog in the future.