Since I seem to enjoy constantly starting new blogs more than updating the ones I already have, I started a NEW & IMPROVED repository for drafts of poems.

    And since it's easier to copy and paste verse than it is to write whole new blog posts, I have hopes that this little endeavor will persist a bit longer than previous tangents.

    (I'll still use this site when/if I have more prose and images to broadcast along the optical fibers.)


    Welcome to Buffalo

    I made it!

    I'm nesting, connecting, etc. Trying to.

    Some snapshots from the first few days.

    Tofurkey welcome dinner! Thanks, Lynne and Brendan.

    Rebecca and her roommate, Jeanna.

    Rebecca in her room with a visiting youngster.

    The new room. (Or, at least, one corner of it.)



    I've made several posts in the past archiving some of the letters and postcards that turn up in my purchases from used bookstores. I found a nice postcard while in Buffalo a few weeks ago. Unlike some of my past finds, this seems to be a less dated artifact (sometime between 1996 and 2000, judging from the 26-pence postcard stamp).

    Note the imprinted "K2" and the fainter "00" on the front image.

    The circled, upside-down text in pencil reads "ATTRACTION TO THe ePHemeral." Maybe it's a coded message of some sort?

    Dear Jo,

    What a great vacation. Golf at the finest course in Ireland; great friends in Scotland; Waterford glass factory; sitting outside B & B's just watching the clouds roll by, and eating lots of great food. We did a little searching for our roots but couldn't find too much. You'll get this after I return—but I thought the scene would remind you a little of the Wild West.

    See you soon!