I've made several posts in the past archiving some of the letters and postcards that turn up in my purchases from used bookstores. I found a nice postcard while in Buffalo a few weeks ago. Unlike some of my past finds, this seems to be a less dated artifact (sometime between 1996 and 2000, judging from the 26-pence postcard stamp).

    Note the imprinted "K2" and the fainter "00" on the front image.

    The circled, upside-down text in pencil reads "ATTRACTION TO THe ePHemeral." Maybe it's a coded message of some sort?

    Dear Jo,

    What a great vacation. Golf at the finest course in Ireland; great friends in Scotland; Waterford glass factory; sitting outside B & B's just watching the clouds roll by, and eating lots of great food. We did a little searching for our roots but couldn't find too much. You'll get this after I return—but I thought the scene would remind you a little of the Wild West.

    See you soon!